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What is Normal HbA1c level for Type 1 diabetes?

What is Normal HbA1c level for Type 1 diabetes?

Before we move towards the normal HbA1c level for type 1 diabetes. We want you to spend next few minutes to know what is hemoglobin or HbA1c and what hemoglobin levels are considered normal for a type 1 diabetic?

Hemoglobin (HbA1c)

Some of us find it quite confusing whether blood sugar levels and HbA1c are same or different. The main reason for this is because Hemoglobin is most often used in relation to diabetes. If they are not the same then let’s find out what is hemoglobin?

What is HbA1c (Hemoglobin)?

Your red blood cells have a protein known as Hemoglobi which helps to carry oxygen throughout your body. 90% of the Hemoglobin is Hemoglobin A and 8% of this Hemoglobin A has minor components like HbA1c, HbA1b, HbA1a1 and HbA1a2.

The HbA1c is the one that binds with glucose and your hemoglobin becomes glycated. This is why HbA1c refers to the term “Glycated Hemoglobin”, “glycosylated Hemoglobin” or “glycohemoglobin”.

The glycated hemoglobin indicates the blood sugar levels and helps doctors or clinicians to identify the average glucose levels over the past few weeks or a month. Therefore, we can say that how well you are controlling your diabetes is a reflection of your blood hemoglobin levels.

HbA1c test and how A1c test work?

The hemoglobin or A1c test is used to identify how much glucose is bound to your hemoglobin within the red blood cells. Remember that the sugar in your blood is called the glucose which binds with the hemoglobin A1c.

How Hemoglobin A1c test is accurate?

The red blood cells inside our body are renewed after 8-12 weeks. Earlier we stated that protein called Hemoglobin is attached with these red blood cells. The amount of glucose in this hemoglobin is proportional to the blood sugar in your body at that time. So, higher the blood sugar levels, higher will be the result of your HbA1c test.

This glycated hemoglobin test is and should be routinely performed in type 1 diabetics. This will help them to control their blood sugar levels and consequently avoid dangerous complications.

What is the normal HbA1c for type 1 diabetic?

A1c chart in this post shows hgb levels acquired by performing HbA1c test on normal people. The hemoglobin a1c is not the same and shows slightly different results if a person is type 1 diabetic. The normal hemoglobin for a non-diabetic person is less than the hemoglobin of a type 1 diabetic by ~2 g/dl.

All type 1 diabetics should try to keep their Hemoglobin levels under 7% to avoid any kind of complications. The unit of result vary laboratory to laboratory and you may see average glucose instead of A1c %.

Example: 183mg/DL instead of 8% A1c.

Research shows that type 1 diabetics have slightly higher hemoglobin a1c as compared to those who are non-diabetic. Type 1 diabetics are mostly children so a research was performed by comparing the samples of type 1 diabetics from the Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications Study (EDC) with the samples of normal people without diabetic from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) III. The age range was between 8-48 years of all these samples because type 1 diabetes is mostly diagnosed during these years.

HbA1c Range

The hemoglobin A1c test has following possible results.

A1C level (%)Average Blood sugar (mg/DL)

The above range is categorized as normal hemoglobin, prediabetes, and high hemoglobin (Diabetes).

A1C RangeHemoglobin
Below 5.7%Normal
5.7% to 6.4%Prediabetes
6.5% or AboveDiabetes


Your hemoglobin A1c test is considered normal if your average blood sugar level is 5.7% or below. If the blood sugar level is between 5.7% and 6.4%, your chances of getting diabetes is high so you have to take necessary steps discussed below. If your blood sugar level is higher than 6.5%, it means you have diabetes. In diabetes, low hemoglobin is generally associated with adverse events.

How type 1 diabetics can control Hgb levels?

If the hemoglobin of a type 1 diabetic is usually normal or slightly elevated, it means that glucose level is in control. But if the HbA1c test reflects higher than 7% A1c, you should do following to control it.

  • Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Follow diet plan by your dietitian
  • Make a schedule and follow it
  • Regularly check your glucose level
  • Insulin taken properly according to meals
  • Take medicines as mentioned by doctor
  • Other than exercise all at once and not moving whole day, try to move after some time

If you follow these guidelines and still your hemoglobin a1c is not controlled. We highly recommend you to visit your nearest doctor.

When should Hemoglobin a1c levels be tested?

HbA1c levels should be tested once or twice in week as they don’t reflect the new blood glucose level everyday but it’s actually the concentration of glucose in blood for six to eight weeks. The diabetic patients should also observe the difference between A1c test before and after morning meal.

Names used for Hemoglobin A1c test?

Hgb blood test, Hgb A1c, HbA1c test, A1c test, Hemoglobin test and Hemoglobin A1c test are just different names of the same test so don’t get yourself confused in them. A1c chart is same and the range of levels is same as well.

Ask more about Type 1 diabetes

We hope you find our shared information helpful about what is normal HbA1c level for type 1 diabetes. We always try to highlight the most important aspects related to your research. If you have any query related to diabetes, you are most welcome to ask. Our researchers will try to come up with the best satisfactory answer. Search our blog and know more about diabetes.

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