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Can type 1 diabetics eat pizza?

Can type 1 diabetics eat pizza?

Let’s find out whether type 1 diabetics eat pizza or not? Just like normal persons, type 1 diabetics also experience pizza cravings and they are thoughtful about the effect of pizza on their health. We can understand how beloved this food can be for most of the t1 diabetics out there.

Diabetes management is very important especially when it comes to type 1 diabetes because it is a chronic disease. Type 1 diabetes requires special care of your diet and more specifically the foods that can disturb your blood sugar levels.

Moreover, type 1 diabetes is diagnosed mostly before the age of 28 and in United States, mostly cases reported are of age 14. We all know children love to eat pizza and other foods like that which may spike the glucose level. Hence, parents wants to know whether eating pizza for type 1 diabetic is fine or not. Let’s find out.

Can type 1 diabetes eat pizza?

You might not believe but eating pizza is one of the most challenging part for a type 1 diabetic. We know that pizza is rich in proteins, carbs and fats and when it comes to diabetics, they need to keep account of the carbohydrates specially.

You can definitely eat pizza but proper dosing of insulin is required to avoid any kind of dangerous consequences. Unlike type 2 diabetics, t1 diabetic’s needs to either inject insulin or use insulin pump because their body don’t produce insulin properly.

Manually injecting insulin or insulin pump is the best way to manage the elevated blood sugar levels after eating pizza. It is a dietitian advice that you can live the life of your choice being a t1d. All you need is to avoid hypoglycemia (low glucose) and hyperglycemia (high glucose).

Pizza and type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetics needs to be very careful about their diet. They are not allowed to eat food containing high amount of carbohydrates and fats or foods that can boost their blood sugar levels.

Pizza is a fast food that contains both carbohydrates as well as fats in high amount. An insulin injected just like normal routine and usual amount will be of no use. If you eat pizza, you will experience a huge spike in your blood sugar levels.

A type 1 diabetic might experience hypoglycemia (low glucose) or hyperglycemia (high glucose) if eat pizza with regular dose of insulin. Jump to the following part where we have discussed how to control blood glucose when you eat pizza.

Pizza and blood glucose: How to control

A study was conducted and 26 volunteers were part of it, all diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The purpose of the study was to identify the right dosing of insulin when t1d eat pizza. The glucose level between 80mg/DL and 124mg/DL is considered as normal.

All of the volunteers were given pizza to eat in the evening in the exact same amount. Insulin was injected right before the meal. When blood glucose was measured, it was 133mg/DL on average.

On the second day, insulin was divided into two equal portions. Half of the insulin was injected right before the meal and half of the insulin was injected right after the meal using insulin pump continuously for the next four hours. The measured glucose level was around 146mg/DL on average.

The third day proved to be a successful and half of the insulin was given immediately before the pizza treat while the other half was injected using insulin pump continuously for the next 8 hours. The measured glucose levels were surprisingly around 105mg/DL on an average. This glucose level remained inside the defined normal range 80-124mg/DL.

Recommended insulin dose for type 1 diabetics when eating pizza

According to the above study, the recommended dose of insulin for type 1 diabetics when eating pizza is to divide the insulin in two halves. Take the first half immediately before the meal. Take the second half over the course of 8 hours continuously using an insulin pump.

The research showed that taking insulin all at once will not stop blood glucose from maximizing after you have eaten pizza. The best way to control your blood glucose levels after eating pizza is to take insulin in two doses. One immediately before the meal and the second using insulin pump over the course of 6-8 hours.

But if you haven’t used insulin pump and use insulin shots. Take the first half before the meal and the second shot between 60-90 minutes after starting eating meal. It is better to consult with your Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) about the insulin dose your body requires.

Tips for t1 diabetics to eat pizza

Following are the 4 best tips for type one diabetics to eat pizza and keep their blood glucose levels under control.

  1. Keep rough account of the number of carbs you are eating and take insulin dose according to that. For e.g. 1 slice or 13-inch thin crust pizza contains 20g of carbs while 1 slice of 13-icnh pan pizza contains 30g of carbs on an average.
  2. Do not inject complete dose of insulin at once. Divide it into two doses and take first half before meal and second half over the course of 8 hours continuously using an insulin pump. If you are on shots, try to take one before the meal and second one after 60-90 minutes of starting meal with an extra 30% of the overall dose. It won’t be as much affective but still it will work.
  3. Consult with your doctor or your certified diabetes educator and know the ratio of your correction bolus as everyone has different correction bolus.
  4. Keep measuring your glucose levels for the next 8 hours so the next time you may change insulin plan according the blood glucose levels.

Ask More about Type 1 diabetes

We hope you got the satisfactory answer for your question can you eat pizza if you are a type 1 diabetic. You can share your thoughts in the comment section below. It would be great if you share your experience of eating pizza and controlling your blood glucose levels. You can ask us anything you have in mind related to diabetes and specifically type 1 diabetes. Our researchers will try to give the best answer. Search our site for more knowledgeable posts related to diabetes. We wish you good health and long life.


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