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Can type 1 diabetic eat chocolate?

Can type 1 diabetic eat chocolate?

Can type 1 diabetic eat chocolate? Is chocolate good for type 1 diabetic? Let’s dive into the answers of these questions if you are t1 diabetic. Type one diabetics should know which foods to avoid and which foods are best for their health.

Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic disease also known as juvenile diabetes. Some called it an auto-immune disease as it is involves immune system and pancreas. Type 1 diabetes is caused when your immune system mistakenly destroy or start killing the beta cells inside your pancreas. These Beta cells have the responsibility to produce insulin. Type 1 diabetics either can’t produce insulin properly properly.

Is chocolate good for type 1 diabetes?

Diabetes is an auto-immune disease and type 1 diabetics needs to be very careful regarding their diet. As there are foods that maximize your blood sugar level and consequently your hemoglobin is not in control. An uncontrolled blood glucose level can lead to short term or long term complications.

Most of us love chocolate and definitely you are here because either you or your child love to eat chocolate. Type 1 diabetes is mostly diagnosed in children or young persons. Children are innocent and don’t really know the reasons of restrictions to eat food they love.

Can type 1 diabetic eat chocolate?

Here is the good news for you or your child diagnosed with type 1. You can definitely eat chocolate but limited amount of it. As milk chocolate contains milk and sugar therefore eating too much will spike your blood glucose level.

You know well that uncontrolled blood glucose might lead to dangerous complications. Based on our research, type 1 diabetics can eat 1 or 2 blocks of milk chocolate before or after every meal. Still, it varies person to person, some can eat even more as long as they bolus for it correctly.

It is not recommended to eat 6 or more blocks all at once as it can harm your blood sugar level and create several problems for you. Moreover, you should try to avoid making it a habit of eating 2 blocks of milk chocolate before or after every meal every day.

If you do some physical activity regularly, it is better to eat chocolate before doing exercise or so. In this way, you can balance your blood glucose and won’t face any inclined in sugar level.

Can type 1 diabetic eat chocolate when glucose level is low?

Yes, a diabetic is good to eat 2 to 3 blocks of chocolate but not more if he/she feels low blood sugar. However, a non-diabetic is allowed to eat even full chocolate bar in the same scenario. There are foods that lower blood glucose levels in your body. Likewise, there are foods that increase your blood sugar level. Chocolate and specially milk chocolate is considered a healthy source of glucose so t1 diabetics can eat 2-3 blocks if they feel their glucose level is down.

Can children with Type 1 diabetes eat chocolate?

Type 1 diabetes as stated earlier is diagnosed mostly in children. The maximum cases of t1d reported in United States of America are of age 14. Yes, we care about your children and we know children love to eat milk chocolates. Furthermore, they are not mature enough to understand all the eating restrictions. You can definitely allow your child to eat 2-3 blocks of chocolate if he plays outdoor games. Besides that, you need to make him/her understand that eating too much can harm their health.

Dark chocolate benefits

Chocolates are of different types and tastes. The ratio of ingredients is different in chocolates of different brands and names. Above we discussed about milk chocolate which has very less cocoa percentage and contains and milk and glucose in higher ratio. According to our survey with type 1 diabetics, Lindt’s 90% bar is very delicious and has very less carbs and sugar. It’s worth trying but beware, don’t become an addict.

Dark chocolate is different from milk chocolate both in terms of ingredients and taste. Children rarely like to eat dark chocolate but if you are 20 or above and diagnosed with diabetic, why not try dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains less carbs and less glucose which doesn’t spike your blood sugar much.

Expert advice about Diabetic Chocolate

When you are a diabetic, it’s important for you to choose very wisely and very carefully what food you should eat. Chocolate is not a food that you should avoid with diabetes but you should not eat it regularly. You should observe how your body’s glucose fluctuates when you eat chocolate and eat accordingly. It depends how correctly you bolus it.

If you like to eat 90% cocoa chocolate or dark chocolate, then you can eat 3 4 blocks regularly, but not all at once. Also your weight matters a lot, if you are overweight, you are not recommended to eat chocolate daily. In case of being over-weight or getting unusual increase in the blood sugar level, you should only eat chocolate as a treat.

Ask more about type 1 diabetes

We hope you got the answer of your interesting question, can type 1 diabetic eat chocolate? Type 1 diabetics can eat chocolate but not too much. You must know how much chocolate spike your blood sugar and eat accordingly. You can ask more questions in the comment section below and our experts will try to come up with the best answers. Search our blog for any query related to diabetes and have satisfactory answers.

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